Don't Hit Me! I'll Hit Me! (Split with Oliver Revilo)

by P.S. 118

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We recorded this split in three days. A lot of the time was spent watching Breaking Bad and laughing at really dumb things. But when that wasn't happening we poured everything we've got into this. Noodle fathers forever.


released January 9, 2012

Green Rob sings and plays bass on Arnie Palmies and guitar on everything else

Blue Rob does the opposite of that

Nick plays drums and writes some really goddamn good harmonies. Seriously. He sang on Choco Taco and Dreamboat a little bit, too.

Everything was recorded at Alex Stolte's house. He recorded and mixed everything.



all rights reserved


P.S. 118 Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Three dudes playin some noodle indie shit in a tiny room.

We all play everything, except Nick who is the only one who knows anything about drums.

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Track Name: Arnie Palmies & Salsa Combos
We all stand in the same spots
We all laugh at the same jokes
If we're all standing in the same spots
How come I never felt more alone?

There's no such thing as simple science
We are so much more than genetic and code
If anything's getting written in my skin,
I know exactly where it's going to go

If we're all standing
In the same spots
Why have I never felt
Track Name: Now I'll Never Meet Bob Saget
I'm fresh out of words and phrases
To pinpoint any of this
So i'll regurgitate everything from the last few decades
And hope the change in my pocket can cover the cost

Now every part of me
Is not a fan of you
And shit,have I been foolish
I'd like my shining eyes back

We are not the most valiant of men
and oh god, does it show

My surges are all gone
And i've got tired eyes (all the time)
Wouldn't mind giving an extended rest another try
Track Name: Hey You! Dreamboat! Not You, Shipwreck!
Backdrops without any clouds
And fevers when we're not sick
We can eat and sleep when we please
And live on our front lawns

And our bones well melt
Into something more acceptable
We've all outgrown
Our bitter shells

Swam through the trees, walked across the ocean
Searching for something that was never there
Forty miles in I found my heart
Buried in a mountain of auburn hair

So I catch myself again
And I know it won't be the last time
Track Name: Choco Taco, Go Phillies!
I've been walking around the streets in my town
All the signs and roads become one in the same
While my ancient house creaks and rattles
When I get home, it's hard to get to sleep
I just don't feel right these days

We're constantly waiting
Wide-eyed and hopeful
It's getting darker
And there's frost forming under our feet

And all the children are talking
About how it keeps getting colder and colder
I can see my breath and I have to agree

But there's an upside
They've only seen a small percentage of what I have
And they're already smarter than me

I'll go the long way home
The only way that I know