Everything Is Made Up And Nothing Matters

by P.S. 118

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released July 25, 2014

All tracks written and performed by P.S. 118
Recorded by Nicky Adem in Farmingdale, NJ



all rights reserved


P.S. 118 Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Three dudes playin some noodle indie shit in a tiny room.

We all play everything, except Nick who is the only one who knows anything about drums.

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Track Name: Jinx! Personal Jinx! Blackeye Jinx! (You Owe Me A Soda)
Everyone and everything gets ridiculous.
(I hear you calling but I'm not answering, I'm not answering.)
I can't handle this, fuck it I'm sleeping in.
(I hear you calling but I'm not answering, I'm not answering.)

Bring my head to my knees.
And get frustrated about all the things
That don't matter but they do.
And they do.

So lock the door.
Leave me alone.
I don't wanna talk about it anymore.

I'm falling to pieces.
I'm Falling apart.

I can't get back up.
This is all your fault.
You're too proud to admit that you were wrong.
Track Name: Alkaline Trio T-Shirt
Everyone likes to think they know something.
Everyone wants to be taught nothing.

I saw my favorite things fall to pieces right in front of me.
And we need to dust off our sleeves and pick up the pieces,
return to basics.

Sometimes it’s ok to bother with simplicity.
If you line your stomach with enough garbage you’re bound to get sick.
Track Name: BurgerMeister MeisterBurger
I'll sail away
You know i've been meaning to
Take everything you can fit on your back with you

You and I we're not so different
You and I we're not so different after all
Track Name: Sexelent
You could leave
A better impression
By being
An actual Person.
Not a combination of inside jokes
About Things
That you know nothing about.

I used to remember everything you said,
But I can't quote it now.
Used to think about how you changed my life,
But life changes by itself.

When there's no one left to talk to,
When all your friends go home,
Will you give back what you borrowed from everyone.

Will you recognize yourself
Ten years from now.
Will you be where you thought you'd end up.
Is there something missing?

I'm better off alone.
I'll figure this out on my own.
Track Name: Fake Weed
Titles are meaningless compliments.
Two cent words being spat into a jar.

I'm not bothered at all.
It's cool green fields I belong in.

Try so hard not to smile,
With all these things I never hold back,
I never hold back.

Fall backward,
Sleep longer,
Far away,
You and me.

Flying through the sun,
I'm fucking done.
Say goodbye to everyone,
Cause I'm fucking done.