Getting Better

by P.S. 118

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Here is a short collection of mostly unreleased B-sides and demos from the past year since our EP "Staying Better" was released.

The first four tracks are brand new recordings of some songs that you until now could have only heard at our few acoustic performances. The rest are demos that we've made throughout the year and thought it'd be fun to share with you guys.


released April 21, 2014

All songs written and performed by P.S. 118
Recorded and mixed by Robert Davis.



all rights reserved


P.S. 118 Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Three dudes playin some noodle indie shit in a tiny room.

We all play everything, except Nick who is the only one who knows anything about drums.

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Track Name: Cardinal Rule
Nothing stays the same
It's the cardinal rule of this place
All the things that make me proud of where I am move away to better things

I don't wanna be alone
Or feel like I could lay down and die
And have that be alright

Because it's not
It's fucking wrong
And I swear to God or whoever that
I'm more fucking golden than I let on
Track Name: Four Stars! ... Says Nobody.
Take a look at everything i've built
Out of materials that I found myself
I wrote it all down on colored paper
To convince myself I was doing better

But they tore it down, all of my paper towns
I'm running out of things; to plant my seeds in the ground

I make dioramas out of dilemmas
To fill my drawers and shelves
On a half empty stomach, to be filled with something
Anything other than doubt

I feel like i'm phasing out of every single high five and handshake
I guess that's all part of the process
I want to believe there's no such thing as a plan
I'm so tired of the same pronouns
I'd look in any direction for anything else this could be about

I make dioramas out of dilemmas
To fill my drawers and shelves
On a half empty stomach, to be filled with something
Anything other than doubt

Maybe not today, and not tomorrow
But soon enough this will change
Maybe not today, and not tomorrow but soon enough we'll all have something
To laugh about
Track Name: Flying Through The Sun (Demo Jam)
If you think this song is about you it's not
Cause my songs are stupid angry and mean and you're not
To be honest I think that you're the best
And trust me i'm being honest, I have things to get off my chest

I don't spend enough time at home as I want to
I'm not home all the time, i'm never home
And I don't spend that time the way I want
Sometimes I just wanna go home...flying through the sun

Flying through the sun
I'm fucking done
Track Name: Untitled (Demo Jam)
Try to think of all the things that come out of my mouth?
Nothing ever does it just stays there
I could try to say all the things i've meant to say
But nothing would come out anyway

I hate I have to try?? of thinking something nice to say??
I don't know, I never do how to save anything anyway

I'm sick again