Staying Better

by P.S. 118

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We Take Fire These guys are awesome people who make awesome music. The tape never leaves my car. Favorite track: ChocoTaco, GoPhillies (Phillies_Feathers).
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P.S. 118 is Green Rob (guitar/bass/vocals), Blue Rob (bass/guitar/vocals) and The Golden Shalaylay (drums/vocals).

Jess Sands helped out on gang vocals.

This album was recorded over the course of two months at Headroom Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA. Engineered/Mixed by Joe Reinhart.


released April 21, 2013

All songs written and performed by P.S. 118.

Artwork by Nicolet Schenck. Check out her other artings at

Engineered/Mixed by Joe Reinhart.

This was a long time coming. A collection of songs that we wrote over the past couple years now I think that has finally surfaced. It's been a wild ride but it's finally here so get the eff into it.

We'd like to send a special thanks to Joe Reinhart, Kyle Pulley, Brian Marion (for letting us use his hihats), Jess Sands, Alex Stolte, Dakota Burr, Ethan Stout, and all our firends and family that helped our band get to this point. We love you all and will willingly rink all your D's.



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P.S. 118 Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Three dudes playin some noodle indie shit in a tiny room.

We all play everything, except Nick who is the only one who knows anything about drums.

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Track Name: Vacant Lot
Fuck this house.
Fuck this town.
Let's make a list of every reference we've made and
Throw it out.

Everything blends into one sour taste.
You keep spitting it out,
But it won't give up.
That's all the more reason not to give up.
Track Name: Gerald Field
Backed up against the wall,
Singing my swan song.
The one thing i know that I'm good for.
I'll think of fifteen hundred things at once.
Sleeping in a bed or coffin,
Wherever I end up.

It's pressure that tore us apart.
It's pressure that moves the waves.
It's pressure that'll throw us head first into nothing.

I'll chug salt water until I float.
Tired of sinking like a fucking stone.

Track Name: Hey There Dreamboat! Not You, Shipwreck.
Backdrops without any clouds,
And fevers when we're not sick.
We can eat and sleep when we please,
And live on our front lawns.

And our bones will melt into something more acceptable,
We've all outgrown our bitter shells.

Swam through the trees and walked across the ocean,
Looking for something that was never there.
Forty miles in and all i found was your heart,
Buried in a mound of auburn hair.

So i'll catch myself again,
And i know it won't be the last time.
Track Name: I Knew Yasha
I learned so much today,
From friends that I never see.
And I can name every demon I've met,
In every place that we pass.
And how I defeated
All of them.

And these things they take time.
I'm somewhere close to feeling fine,
Probably won't sleep for a long while,
And when i do it'll be alone,
But that's alright.

My voice is cracking
Beneath the pressure of the past year.
But I'll keep on screaming
Until there is nothing left.
Track Name: Hold Your Nose and Think of England
I'm at a point in my life where everything i love seems to be going south,
But maybe that's exactly what I need.

So I'll chalk it up,
As something more important than myself.
That includes everywhere I've been,
And everything I've seen.
And a million things that I have heard in passing.

If this is a test then don't even bother.
I'm testing myself every day i wake up in this place.

I'll turn down every light,
And sleep for the next few months.
Maybe in my dreams I'll find a way to clean this mess up right.
Track Name: I Don't Give a Crappuccino!
I'm sorry,
I'll get over it,
I'm just tired.
I always am.

Half hearted,
Bullshit apologies.
We're not the same.
Just recollect,
And just fucking relax.
You'll be fine.
Track Name: ChocoTaco, GoPhillies (Phillies_Feathers)
I've been walking around the streets in my town,
All the signs and roads become one in the same.
While my ancient house creaks and rattles,
When I get home it's hard to get to sleep.
I just don't feel right these days.

Take me down another notch,
Cause that's exactly what I need.
It's at the top of my to-do list.
To feel bad about myself.

We're constantly waiting,
Wide eyed and hopeful.
It's getting darker and there's frost forming under our feet.
And all the children are talking
About how it keeps getting colder and colder.
I can see my breath and I have to agree.

But there's an upside.
They've only seen a small percentage of what I have,
And they're already smarter than me.

I'll go the long way home,
The only way that I know.

Crooked teeth and overweight.
I'm lying when I say I feel fine today.